The Co-operative - la Noé Blanche La CUMA de la Noée Blanche was formed in 2010 with 7 farmers to mutualise the costs and to acquire a self-propelled mixer from Lucas G. It’s been 5 years and a half that they own an Autospire which they have recently renewed at the end of 2014.

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Testimonial Agriculture


Use and benefits of the self-propelled mixer

The machine of Lucas G travel approximately 20 km a day between different exploitations. The self-propelled diet feeder loads mixes and distributes more than 160T and made a tour of 120km every week.

"The acquisition of the propelled in the co-operative allow us to win 1h of work a day, we have more time to do some other tasks. We know that the machine will come on time and that the cows will be feed. We are more serene and we will not go back. No need to hitch the tractor to the mixer, without forgetting the loading times with the telehandler. To be honest I sold one of my tractors." Tells a member.

The members of the co-operative adapt and change very easily the quantities of ingredients and rations thanks to the programmable weighing system - System X. Every Fridays and Saturdays, the rations are increased respectively by 25% and 75%, to let the driver free on Sunday.

Testimonial Agriculture

Follow-up and improvements made on the self-propelled.

"Lucas G and Blanchard work together to give us advice and a technical support when we need. They are present to lead and anticipate changes". The follow-up is personalized, always the same mechanic in the dealership, and always the same product manager. "We save time, we are more reactive".

Members noticed a marked improvement between the first generation of self-propelled and the one they currently have. "The mill is more efficient, it loads twice as much as before, and the driving comfort has also been improved thanks to the front hydraulic suspension and to the rear parabolic leaves. The option 4 steering wheels make the machine extremely manoeuvrable to fit all buildings. All these improvements save me time." Says Sebastien, the driver of the Autospire. Regarding to the fuel consumption, the Autospire consumes 14 litres per hour. The road behaviour and the use of the machine by the driver are extremely important factors to reduce the consumption and the wear of the machine.

A typical morning of the Autospire's utilisation

Here is the typical morning in the co-operative. At 7:00am the  driver starts its daily tour:

  • 1st farm: 60 dairy cows - corn and grass silage with dry food – 3 T a day + 60 heifers – silage and straw ration – 1,2T every 2 days
  • 2nd farm: 80 dairy cows – corn and grass silage ration – 4T a day    
  • 3rd farm: 40 dairy cows – corn and grass silage with hay ration – 2T a day + 50 heifers – corn and grass silage with straw ration – 1T every 3 days
  • 4th farm:  80 dairy cows – corn and grass silage ratio n – 4T a day
  • 5th farm: 110 dairy cows – corn and alfalfa silage ration – 5,2T a day
  • 6th farm:  100 dairy cows – corn and grass silage ration – 5T a day + 45 young bulls – hay
  • 7th farm:  72 dairy cows – corn and grass silage ration – 3.2 T a day


Autospire 160 Tapis

  • 16m³
  • 4 Steering wheels
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Anti-overflow ring
  • Programmable weighing
  • 4 cameras ( Revers, tank, distribution L&R)
  • 6 working lights (2 fronts + 1 reverse+ 2 for distribution + 1 tank)
  • Pneumatic seat
  • Electrically folding rear-view mirror – right side
  • De-icing mirror (L & R)
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