Since October 2016, the GAEC Bienvenue made his third renewal of bale feeder straw blower Castor R.

Castor 60R²

Agriculture Testimonials

Castor 60R², the machine that was lacking at Lucas G

Before being equipped with a bale feeder straw blower Castor 60 R², the GAEC had a Castor 30 from 2010. "With the number of bales that we blow per year, the capacity of 3m³ was not enough, moreover with the poultry building based at 3km, we had to multiply the round trips". Jérôme Pineau tells us that he wanted a machine with a bigger capacity with a compact overall length to increase manoeuvrability in the different livestock buildings.

Knowing his problem of overall length, his dealer called him few days after a French show (SPACE) to announce the launch of a new model of bale feeder blower " The overall size of the machine and its capacity of 6m³ with 2 shredders are exactly the model that was lacking at Lucas G. Now, I reduced the number of trips while loading more my machine."

During the winter,  the machine process up to:

  • 3 Silages bales per day for the limousines
  • 2 Square bales of straw or 3 Round bales for straw blowing
  • 5 Rounds bales of chopped straw per week

Agriculture Testimonials

The range Castor R, a solid value

Jérôme tells us that with this machine, him and his employees are peaceful when comes the hour of the straw blowing and the distribution. "It's a solid value, it works every day, heavy duty and reliable conception, the maintenance is easy and the electronic system too. No need to worry, it straws and delivers when we need it. We also deliver some sorgo and rye at slow speed."

GAEC Bienvenue - direct selling

If you found this testimonial and you travel across the area, the GAEC bienvenue does direct selling every last Friday of the month. The direct selling representing yearly:

  • 10 Cows
  • 12 Calves
  • Turkeys and Chickens

The Farm also sells directly, the whole quantity of his miller wheat in the department and provides in exclusivity his calves to a famous butcher from Nantes.

Castor 60R²

Equipment of the machine + Tractor

  • Castor 60 R²
  • Universal chute 270°
  • 2nd control station for rear door
  • Hydraulic comb
  • Electric control Comfort
  • New Holland T5 – 95 HP

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