Since June 2017, the farm of La Boudiniere is equipped with an UBI Pic and a Castor 20R.


Agriculture Testimonials

The complementary combo UBI Pic/Castor 20

Before being equipped with a bale unroller UBI PIC and a bale feeder straw blower Castor 20R, Jean François had a Hulote 425 (Silage loader bale feeder straw blower) from 1994. "What made me change my equipment is that I made a choice to change my way of feeding for a 100% bale feeding process, so no need to load silage anymore. Furthermore, during the displacement phases, my Hulote was difficult to drive backward because of the restricted width of my corridors".

Jean François explains that he hesitated between a Castor 30 R straw blower and the combo UBI PIC/ Castor 20 R, for him these two machines are complementary and allow him to save time in his weekly organisation. "Before I had only one machine to straw and to feed, with the organization of the exploitation, I spend considerable time between the loading half-bale to straw, then the entire bale to feed." My farm is also cleaner as before". The farmer especially said that he becomes more flexible in his work schedule with better work output "Today, in 30 minutes per day, everything is done.", moreover the electric control is much more practical that the old control "it’s a big change from the manual control on the old machine".

Agriculture Testimonials

A typical day at the farm:

This is the job description that Jean François can do with his Lucas G's machines during winter:

  • 8.00am Loading the bale unroller with a wrapped bale
  • 8.20am Distribution done
  • 8.30am Loading straw bale for a week
  • 8.45am straw blowing done

These different actions are done only 3 or 4months a year because the rest of the time, the cows are grazing. On average, he straw blows twice a week, which corresponds to 30 minutes of weekly work and a square bale per week. For the distribution it's 15/20 minutes per days and a bale every second day.

The objective 100% of autonomy

The objective is to be completely independent with wrapped bales and hay during months that the animals are staying inside the livestock buildings (3/4 months during the winter). In 2017, he produced 80 wrapped bales and 40 squares bales of hay.

During the rest of the year, animals are outside thanks to the rotational grazing system. This system implemented to be completely independent and not purchase bales from outside. "Thanks to my production of haystacks and to the rotational grazing system, The feeding of my limousines is 100 % done internally."

Castor 20R


  • Retractable teeth

Castor 20R

  • Swivelling chute
  • Hydraulic comb
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • Comfort control
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Jean-François G.