Castor 60 R² compact straw-bedder with high working output

The French manufacturer extends its range of straw- bedder & and bale feeder solutions with a hybrid model, the Castor 60 R² (for 2 shredders) designed by a combination of 2 machines. This straw-bedder will enable breeders to have an improved work output with a compact machine.

  • Capacity and performance

The Castor 60 R² has 6 m3 capacity and 2 Castor mechanical shredders well known for processing all kind of fodder thanks to its V-shaped knives. This machine can handle 2 round bale of Ø1.60 / 1.80 or 2m and also a square bale of 1,20 x 1,20 x 2,50 m.

  • 2 shredders to process all bales

Today bales of straw and wrapped bales are increasingly dense and tight, and, consequently harder to process. Thanks to its 2 shredders the Castor 60 R² gives a steady straw-bedding and distribution regardless of the density or the humidity of the bale. The processing of square bales is also simplified; the 2 shredders attack the face of the bale simultaneously.

  • Chute cut-off plate that avoids jamming problems

This bale feeder is standard equipped with a chute cut-off plate (patent Lucas G), the bevelled plate is located at the end of the turbine and prevents the accumulations of material at the end of the chute and consequently jamming problems.  Wet bales are distributed with a high working output with no risk of blocking.

  • Wide panel of options

This new model can be equipped among other things with, a swivelling chute to straw-bed regardless of the configuration of the building or a second control station to load bales to the end of the machine.