Lucas G launches the connected self-propelled mixer
Elevage 2.0

Today users see the acquisition of a self-propelled silage unloader as a purchase of a service and not as the purchase of a standard machine. In co-operative it’s a real service delivery, the members pay the driver to feed their herds every mornings. As agricultural manufacturer, Lucas G has to find solutions that simplify the way the machine is used every day by our breeders. Lucas G has developed a service that makes communicate the machine with all members of the co-operative through a GPRS system.

A service integrated to XPA-Display dashboard

The preparation of the recipe is in the hands of its members, all the information are directly connected to the dashboard of the machine. This system enables the driver to stay focus only on feeding animals and not on calculating changes that have been made on the recipe. Members can therefore modify in real-time the components of the ration or adjust the number of heads of the herd. For the driver all these changes are invisible, the XPA display (touch-screen dashboard) acts as repeater for the preparation of the ration and adjusts the ration automatically according to the farm where the machine is located (GPRS).

A Tool for stock management and for simplified billing process

The members have access to a daily report of the made ration through a cloud that let them see the quantity of each components loaded by the machine and then having a look on their stocks of raw materials on the screen of the laptop. They also know the time taken by the driver to prepare the mixture which provides a simple billing tool to the members of the co-operative.

A dematerialized and invisible service for the driver

No more pen drive transfer or daily phone call with the driver. Data are updated and the communication is made in real time thanks to the GPRS ship. This system is compatible with the already sold machines. A simple setting up of the XPA Display and the addition of a modem are needed to have access to this service. Extra cost is 800 € + the fee of GPRS ship of the telephone provider of the members.