Meeting with a French co-operatives
Mélangeuse Automotrice

We founded our co-operatives in 2010 with 7 breeders to mutualize our costs and purchase a self-propelled mixer. It’s been 5 years and a half that we have an Autospire and we just renewed it at the end of 2014. Our machine makes about 20 km per days throughout each farm; here is the typical morning for our driver:

  • 7:00am our driver starts its daily tour:
  • 1st farm: 60 dairy cows - corn and grass silage with concentrate mixture – 3 T a day + 60 heifers – silage and straw mix – 1,2T every 2 days
  • 2nd farm: 80 dairy cows – corn and grass silage mixture – 4T a day
  • 3rd farm: 40 dairy cows – corn and grass silage with hay mixture – 2T a day + 50 heifers – corn and grass silage with straw mixture – 1T every 3 days
  • 4th farm:  80 dairy cows – corn and grass silage mixture – 4T a day
  • 5th farm: 110 dairy cows – corn and alfalfa silage mixture – 5,2T a day
  • 6th farm:  100 dairy cows – corn and grass silage mixture – 5T a day + 45 young bulls – hay mix
  • 7th farm:  72 dairy cows – corn and grass silage mixture – 3.2 T a day

On Friday and Saturday mixtures are increased by 25% and 75% to let our driver having a day off on Sunday. We easily change the composition of ration thanks to the programmable weighing system – System X.
Our self-propelled loads, mixes and distributes over 160 T and makes a tour of 120 km per weeks.

‘’ The acquisition of an self-propelled enabled us to save 1h of work per day, we have more time to take care of the cattle and do other tasks. We know that the machine will perfectly feed the livestock. We are peaceful and we won’t turn back. No need to hitch and unhitch the tractor to the mixer wagon and not counting the loading times with the telehandler to be honest I sold one of my tractor’’ said a breeder.

Lucas G and its dealer network are working together to give us advices and technical support that we need. There are here to anticipate market’s trend. The follow-up is tailored; it’s always the same mechanic of the dealer and always the same product manager.

We noted a strong improvement between the first generation of Autospire and the new that we have now ‘’The mill is more efficient, it loads twice as before, the driving comfort has been improved thanks to the font hydraulic and the rear mechanical suspension (parabolic leaves). The 4 steering wheel option give an excellent manoeuvrability to the machine.   All these improvements makes save a lot of time’’ said Sebastien the driver.
Concerning the fuel consumption we reach 14 Liters/hour, the driving behavior of the driver are key factors to reduce the fuel and the wear of the machine.