Statiomix stationary mixer with vertical auger or horizontal paddles
Mélangeuse stationnaire

After the launch of the automatic feeding system I-Ron Mix System Lucas G has developed a wide range of stationary mixer – STATIOMIX – that offer a quality mix Made in Lucas G. The range consists of two different mixing process, vertical auger or horizontal paddles.

Statiomix vertical auger

The design is based on a vertical auger diet feeder Spirmix, this range is composed by 8 models from 8 to 24 m3. Statiomix vertical auger includes the strengths of the Spirmix range such as rolled and flared tank, a stepped auger to guarantee an optimal ration. These machines come with an electric engine from 22 to 55 KW depending on the capacity of the machine. As standard the unloading is ensured by a front right trap door, a wide panel of options is available to fit any building configurations

Statiomix horizontal paddles

The design is based on a horizontal paddles diet feeder Qualimix, this range is composed by 2 models of 15 and 20 m3. The Qualimix mixer wagon is well-known for its capacity to make homogeneous rations (<2% gap on 60 m distribution) even with little rations of 500 kg. These machines come with an electric motor of 45 KW. As standard the unloading is ensured by a front left trap door.

Lucas G stands apart of the classic stationary mixer offer by proposing to breeders to choose between two types of mixing process. This choice enables Lucas G to enter the goat farming market which is more sensitive to distributed quantity of rations.

Finishing and options made for biogas

To meet biogas market requirement, Lucas G has developed options and finishing needed to intensive and corrosive use. The stationary mixer can be equipped with the following equipment such as welded watertight, hardened steel tank and also flow recover to ensure the perfect functioning of the machine.