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Lucas G, specialized in feeding and breeding machines since 1967, is based in La Verrie, in the heart of a French breeding region.

Lucas G launches its 3 augers diet feeder range for large farms


To meet the constantly increasing size of herds, Lucas G extends their vertical auger diet feeders range with 8 new models. 

• A range for large herds

The models range from 27 to 46 m3 (30 / 32 / 35 / 39 / 42 m3 for the intermediary models), to feed from 150 up to 285 cows at once. These diet feeders are particularly suitable for suckle farmers and fatteners who make very fibrous rations. These mixers accept from 5 to 6 wrapped bales per mixture.

• A robust design

Lucas G. launches two new models of self-propelled

  • A self-propelled suited to different structures.

AUTOSPIRE -Classic- has been developed as a reliable and easy solution for individuals. This machine is adapted to a daily use.

AUTOSPIRE -Performance- is suited to intensive use and long tours. This self-propelled has been developed for large farms and co-operatives.


New line of SPIRMIX Low range model SPIRMIX 80/90/100 L


LUCAS G. completes its range of low vertical auger diet feeder SPIRMIX L with a brand new line of products dedicated to small exploitations. For the record, Lucas G has 2 different ranges of Diet feeder, on the one hand SPIRMIX, classic mixing bowl and on the other hand SPIRMIX L, a mixing bowl designed without chassis to have lower overall height.

New model & options for the blowing/chopping range C-KATOR


LUCAS G. completes its range of straw Blower/Chopper with a new model, the C-KATOR 63 with 6m³ of capacity. This machine can carry 2 round bales Ø 2m per load.

• Continuing innovation.

All C-KATOR straw choppers are fitted with a patented cutting concept adaptable to different straw-bedding requirements. The cut-off plate and the chopping area work together and guarantee a cut size from 4 to 15cm. This system can be activated manually (standard) or hydraulically (optional) from the tractor cab.