Autospire COMPACT
This is what is behind the concept LE BON MIX*. A brand-new self-propelled diet feeder for individual users and farmyards: AUTOSPIRE COMPACT. LE BON MIX between agility, performance, accessibility, maneuverability & compactness.
The automated I-Ron Mix System is a system that can be adapted according to the type of ingredients used, the distribution circuit in the buildings and the space allocated to the kitchen. Each installation is unique and Lucas G will assist you in defining your project.
MyLucas G is a digital platform that brings together our videos to help with the use, operation, maintenance and servicing of our machines and to make available all the information we think is useful for understanding our products so that each machine can be used to its full potential every day.
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UBI Switch

Remote Controlled Versatile Unroller The UBI SWITCH is a bale…
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Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon The self-propelled diet feeder in the Autospire…
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Hydraulically driven Straw Blower The Raptor range of hydraulically driven…
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