Lucas G has a network of over 200 dealers spread around the world. Wherever you are, finding your nearest dealer is easy: to get a quotation, to ask for spare parts or simply to get a professional’s advice.

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Solutions for your farm

Lucas G

Beef Sector

Lucas G develops and continuously innovates to find tailored solutions to cattle sector. Our diet feeders have been designed to meet high nutritional purposes whether for the dairy or the fattening industry. We are the only company which is able to provide you with 3 types of diet feeders, vertical augers, mixing paddles or self-propelled.

Lucas G

Avian Sector

Lucas G launched in 2013 the first trailed straw blower / chopper. The C-Kator can chop the straw (< 4cm). The use of a straw chopper enables the litter to be renewed in a better way and gives a better absorption. In chop mode, the straw is spread better; as a result, annual consumption of bales is reduced.

Lucas G

Goat Sector

Lucas G partnered up in 2015 with -Méchineau Élevage- the leader in goat feeding sector to be closer to habits and expectations of such industry. We also developed a pack dedicated to small ruminants for our range of horizontal paddle diet feeder Qualimix.