Silage Loader Feeder

Compact mounted silage loader feeder

The silage feeder SIlogrif is a mounted machine with 2m3 capacity, equipped with rounded claw to unload the silage and ensure a simple and clean load of silage/ The mechanical shredder is fitted with 8 teeth for all type of silages, grass, corn…. The distribution is made on the right side by a trap door. This silage unloader is easy to use thanks to a manual control (standard) or electric control (option). This silage feeder is easy to maintain, it’s ideal for silo in the field.

  • Rounded claw
  • Mechanical shredder fitted with 8 teeth
  • Distribution trapdoor (right side) -W 1000 mm x H 880 mm-
  • Hydraulic bed chain
  • Manual Control -M-


Capacity (m3) 2
Overall height (mm) 1910
Overall width (mm) 2330
Overall length (mm) 1940
Tractor power (HP) 50
Oil flow (min / max) 20 / 70
Pressure (bars) 160 / 200
Unladen weight (kg) 808
  • Rounded and reinforced claw for an easy and clean application.
  • The rounded shape fits perfectly the tank shape for a better seal.