Spirmix S

Low Profile Verticale Auger Diet Feeders

 The benefits of using a mixer are multiple, an increase in milk or fattening yield per animal, a significant reduction in refusals at the trough, better control of operating costs and a guaranteed return on investment from the first year of use.

The SPIRMIX S diet feeders have been developed for farms where machine size is an important factor. These machines are compact and manoeuvrable. The rear axle is positioned to provide a very low overall height without compromising manouverability. The lowered machines are ideal for farms where the layout of buildings has height restrictions with a capacity of 8 to 20 m3.

Spirmix S Trap Door
Slider-1 Spirmix S 1 vis

Spirmix S Trap Door 1 auger 8 – 14

The Spirmix S Trappe range of single auger low level…
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Spirmix S Trap Door 2 augers 15 – 20

The Spirmix S Trap range of low profile twin auger…
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Spirmix S Jet

Spirmix S Jet 2 augers 16 – 20

The Spirmix S Jet range of twin auger straw bedders…
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Spirmix S Tapis

Spirmix S Conveyor 1 auger 12 – 14

The Spirmix S conveyor range of single auger low profile…
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Spirmix S Conveyor 2 augers 16 – 20

The Spirmix S conveyor range of low profile twin diet…
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