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Detailed Description


The bale feeders UBI and UBI Swivelling are standard equipped with tilting body to allow an efficient unrolling of Hay, Straw, Wrapped, Alfalfa. The loading arm is adjusted hydraulically for handling different diameters of bales. The bale unrollers are hitched on the 3 point of the tractor. UBI distributes on the right side and UBI Swivelling has a 180° rotation.

Standard Specifications

  • Right Distribution - UBI / UBI Manual
  • 180° Distribution - UBI Swivelling
  • Fixed teeth
  • Tilting body
  • Hydraulic loading arm (except UBI Manual)
  • 180° rotation (UBI Swiveling)
  • Manual control (except UBI Manual)
Option: Retractable teeth


Conveyor chain fitted with retractable teeth to give an efficient unrolling and avoid the product to go under the machine. This system let a homogeneous line along the feeding table.

Option: Electric Control

The UBI and the adjustable UBI can be equipped with an electric control. All functions are centralised in a box with a button for each function, which can be used simultaneously.


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