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Detailed Description

Spirmix 120 tapis 1 vis

These single auger mixers are equipped with a distribution trap, it is perfectly suited to rations consisting mostly of silage. As standard, the distribution trap door is on the right side, adaptable to different configurations, it is possible to personalize the diet feeder with other distribution options. To facilitate distribution, the mix slides on a flap located under the trap door to move it away from the wheel axis.

Standard Specifications

Spirmix 120 tapis 1 vis

  • Front right feeding trap door
  • Mixing auger equipped with 6 reversible tungsten carbide knives height 1100 mm
  • 2 Manual cut-off plates
  • Not programmable weighing box X 400
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • The standard machine uses 1 hydraulic function
Option: Automatic offseted Flap

To offset the ration during the distribution, it’s possible to add as an option an automatically folding mechanical flap acting with the opening or closing of the trap door. The mix slides off of the flap on the trap door onto the floor offset by 20cm from the wheel.

Option: Customizable Auger

Depending on the density, the ingredients in the ration and the capacity of the mixer, it is essential to customise the mixing auger. Each auger can accept 8 or 10 knives per auger. The angle of attack of the knives can be adjusted to increase their aggressiveness. It is also possible to add a Neodymium Magnet on the auger which allows the recovery of ferrous foreign matter.


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