UBI - Bale Unroller Staw Spreader

UBI JET - Efficient bale unrolling and straw wpreading

Lucas G's expertise in livestock management allows us to design products in line with the real needs of our farmers. Our machines must be adapted to the size of the farm and the tools present on the farm. Our bale unroller strawbedders have been designed to provide a strawbedding and unrolling solution for articulated loaders and low power tractors. These machines provide clean and even unrolling and strawbedding performance.  

A range for every type of farms

Our range goes from the simplest bale unroller straw spreader with a weight of less than 500 kg to the self-propelled version or even the tool holder and radio-controlled version to be as close as possible to the needs of the installations:  


Auto UBI Jet

A Self-Propelled Unroller The AUTO UBI JET is a self-propelled…
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Bale Unrollers Straw Spreaders The UBI JET and JET DISK…
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Light Bale Unroller Straw Spreader The UBI S JET is…
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UBI Flow

Bale Unroller fitted with a Turbine The UBI FLOW is…
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UBI Switch

Remote Controlled Versatile Unroller The UBI SWITCH is a bale…
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