Lucas G Services

Technical Support

Our technicians as well as 250 Lucas G dealers are present in France and internationally to support you and ensure the proper functioning of your equipment. Our dealers are regularly trained on our products and each dealership has a stock of original spare parts. Our spare parts catalogue is permanently accessible online to the dealership technicians via our online professional area, and our technicians and our spare parts store are reachable all year long to bring advice and support to our dealers.

Lucas G Services


Our After-Sales Department is there to listen to you and ensure your satisfaction. For even more peace of mind, we also offer a warranty extension option on all our range of machines.

The regular maintenance of your machine with original spare parts will ensure the high performance of it all year long, and ensure optimal duration, and it will increase its residual value too. Rework kits are available to ensure extended serviceable life of the machine.

Lucas G Services


Our spare parts are specially designed for our equipment and manufactured in accordance with the original technical specifications. This allows us to guarantee the optimal performance during your entire machine’s lifetime. We aim to ensure the availability of parts until more than 10 years after stopping the manufacturing of a model. 

At Lucas G, we know that our machines must work every day. That is why thanks to the over 6000 lines stocked in our store we are able to ensure delivery under 24h around Europe for common parts and for essential parts, also called “critical” parts.