Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon with vertical augers

Lucas G has used its know-how and expertise of more than 50 years to make the Autospire self-propelled mixer a machine that meets the demands placed on it. The loading, mixing, distribution and road phases have been studied as a whole to find the most optimal solution. The speed of execution and efficiency of these different phases are levers of productivity and profitability for the farm. We have taken care to find the most suitable solutions in order to reduce application times as much as possible while preserving the nutritional values of the ingredients used.

The Lucas G range of self-propelled mixers consists of six models from 12 to 24 m3. Two Autospire models have been developed to meet the needs of individual users AUTOSPIRE CLASSIC and the requirements of the CUMA market AUTOSPIRE PERFORMANCE. 

Slider-1Autospire Classic
Autospire CLASSIC

Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon The self-propelled mixers in the Autospire Classic range have capacities of 12 to 14 m3 in the…
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Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon The self-propelled diet feeder in the Autospire Performance range have capacities of 12 to 14 m3 in…
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