AutoDistor – A self-propelled straw bedder by Lucas G

Lucas G strengthen its offer of straw bedding solutions with a self-propelled straw-bedder named AutoDistor. This machine makes a straw bedding directly in the stall of beef or sheep buildings, this machine is also used in poultry market for the daily bedding. The range Distor at Lucas G is a brand new range of product which will be the subject of various developments that will be characterized by a straw bedding system with vertical discs. The range of self-propelled straw-bedder AutoDistor is composed by 2 models, AutoDistor 90 & 120 that make reference to the height in centimetres of its rotors (90 cm and 120). The machine accepts 1 square bale inside its tank.

A precise straw bedding with no efforts

To ensure a precise straw-bedding, the range Distor has a unique straw-bedding process at the level of its rotors, the discs are inter-crossed to canalize the flow of straw and avoid to let pass big stacks. This process ensure an homogeneous straw-bedding with no dust, moreover, the bed chain has an operational speed with draft control, if there is a big stack at the rotors, the bed chain speed slows to process the stack, the driver is focused only on the conduct and the straw bedding. As standard, the machine is equipped with 2 lateral deflectors to canalize and adjust the width of straw bedding according to the type of buildings. The width can vary from 1.80 to 6 m according to the position of the deflectors. The rotors can be equipped with knives bolted on the discs to process high density and stuck bales. This knives can also be used to process occasionally round bales.

Extremely maneuverable

AutoDistor is mounted on a 3 wheels chassis driven by heat engine of 40 HP and 4 cylinders. This machine has been developed to have access to building where tractors and straw blowers have trouble to move. This self-propelled is standard equipped with one guide and drive wheel with a geared motor and 2 carrying wheels. In option the machine can be equipped with 3 drive wheel for a peaceful evolution on manure with no risk of getting stuck.