From Vendée to Taiwan: our I-Ron Mix crosses borders

The I-Ron Mix, Lucas G System’s automated feeding robot, is crossing borders. Since 2020, it can be found on one of Taiwan’s largest farms. We pay a visit to the owner.


Discover the I-Ron Mix

The EuroTier 2022 trade fair was an opportunity for Lucas G to meet up with Jessica Huang and Kevin Yu from HYC Dairy, the dealership that commissioned the I-Ron Mix system on one of Taiwan's largest farms in 2020.

It all started in 2018 when they discovered our automated feeding robot on YouTube. They then came to see it at the EuroTier show that same year.

A visit to our factory in Vendée is scheduled for 2019. Julien, our Export Manager, gave them a presentation of our robot, which requires highly specialised know-how.

The I-Ron Mix system will then be installed during the pandemic in 2020.

The farm in figures
600 milkings a day - Home Love Ranch is one of the largest farms in Taiwan
The robot feeds 400 dairy cows and distributes 16 tonnes of feed
High lactation group eats 4 times a day, low lactation group eats 2 times a day

Close-up of I-Ron Mix in action



I-Ron Mix in pictures

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