Lucas G. & Méchineau Elevage associate to prepare their future

On April 14, 2015, Lucas G. and Méchineau Elevage, two western-based companies, have decided to join together, to share their know-how and give a new impulse to both companies.

Méchineau Elevage, strong of more than 25 years of experience in goat breeding, specializes in automation and feeding of livestock.

As for Lucas G, the company has specialized mainly on the beef market for over 50 years.




This association is characterized by:
- A human project: a meeting between the two leaders, Régis MECHINEAU and Régis LEGENDRE, initiated by an elected representative of the region, Louis Marie FRUCHET.

- A partnership project: development of innovative solutions to serve breeder customers.

- A long-term project: a stake of the company Lucas G in Méchineau elevage.

"This association is primarily a men's meeting and then the desire to carry out future projects together. The agricultural sector is changing rapidly, and working habits related to livestock feeding are evolving. The combination of our two companies will allow us to consolidate our markets and also to put together our expertise and shared know-how to be closer to the customers’ expectations. It is a beautiful adventure that begins" says Régis Legendre, President of Lucas G.
Both brands Méchineau Elevage and Lucas G will still be distributed through their respective dealer network.