UBI Switch the farm hand for breeders

Lucas G expands its offer of solutions dedicated to feeding and breeding with an autonomous bale unroller named UBI SWITCH. Remote controlled, this machine enable the breeder to switch from an attachment to another to achieve different application. UBI SWITCH achieves the sweeping of the stall, the straw bedding and the distribution of fodder.

A autonomous bale unroller

UBI SWITCH keeps the classic characteristics of the UBI range, such as, retractable teeth, the 180° rotation of the bale unroller. The machine mounted on an autonomous chassis driven by a heat engine 4 cylinders 34 HP and remote controlled. On the upper part of the bale unroller, a shredder with retractable fingers is here to bring the bale with regularity to the different attachments.

The hand farm for breeders

UBI SWITCH has been designed to answer every poultry, cow, goat and sheep market, with its 5 attachments, this machine achieves the majority of tasks related to feeding and breeding and taking care of the herd:
- Straw spreader: 5m distance – 180° swivelling
- Straw bedding discs: 6m width
- Single disc straw-bedder for stall : the flow is oriented to straw bed at ground level.
- Swivelling hydraulic sweeper for stalls
- Distribution auger for feeding conveyor or feeding alley

Switch from an attachments from another in less than 2 minutes

The hitching and the safety locking of the different attachments is ensure by an hydraulic parallelogram at the level of the tool carrier. UBI Switch is equipped with an hydraulic multi-coupler that enables the switch of attachments without any tools, all hydraulic functions are therefore controlled through the remote control.

A compact size and rough terrain machine

This machine has an overall width of 2 m to go-anywhere and have access to the nearest corners of the barn, moreover UBI Switch is equipped with 3 large drive wheels and 1 guide wheel, than machine can be drove regardless the drop of the terrain.