Statiomix stationary mixer with vertical auger or horizontal paddles
Mélangeuse stationnaire

After the launch of the automatic feeding system I-Ron Mix System Lucas G has developed a wide range of stationary mixer – STATIOMIX – that offer a quality mix Made in Lucas G. The range consists of two different mixing process, vertical auger or horizontal paddles.

Statiomix vertical auger

Lucas G @SIMA 2017
Sima 2017

Join us from February 22th to March 2nd @ SIMA Paris Nors (France) and come discover the machines we are exhibiting on this show:

  • I-Ron Mix
  • Autospire 200 - Spirmix 150 L
  • Castor 60 R² - C-kator 32 - Raptor
  • Machines Anderson : IFX Inline wrapper / TRB Self-loading bale carrier


Lucas G launches the connected self-propelled mixer
Elevage 2.0

Today users see the acquisition of a self-propelled silage unloader as a purchase of a service and not as the purchase of a standard machine. In co-operative it’s a real service delivery, the members pay the driver to feed their herds every mornings. As agricultural manufacturer, Lucas G has to find solutions that simplify the way the machine is used every day by our breeders. Lucas G has developed a service that makes communicate the machine with all members of the co-operative through a GPRS system.