Straw Bedder

Distor PIC : Bale Spike & Straw spreader

The DISTOR PIC is a vertical rotor straw blower equipped with a bale spike for handling bales and loading the machine. It's capable of performing fine and regular square bale mulching in cattle, farm & pig buildings. To ensure straw bending with ease, the machine is equipped with a control of effort, if a bundle of straw accumulates at the level of the rotors and retentive material, the bed cahin slows down automatically to pass the surplus of straw and thus avoid the stuffing problems. In order to adapt to the different sizes of bales. The DISTOR range is equipped as standard with a rotor height of 90cm and 120cm in option.

Pailleuse - Distor 3
  • 2 spreading vertical rotors 1.2m
  • Spreading Discs with projection trays
  • Bale spike
  • Cutting knives
  • Manual side deflectors
  • overload proctection combs
  • Effort Control Adjusted Bed Chain Speed ​​and Flow Divider
  • Automatic hydraulic connection
  • Available with all common Telehandler brackets


Balle carrée 1,20 x 0,90 x 2,50 m 1 1
Balle carrée 1,20 x 1,20 x 2,50 m - 1
Balle ronde x Ø 1,20 max
Conception des rotors 8 disques & 6 peinges reteneurs 10 disques & 8 peignes reteneurs
Largeur de paillage (m) 1,80 m to 9 m (avec caissonnage arrière)
Hauteur hors-tout (mm) 1600 1900
Longueur hors-tout (mm) 3950
Largeur hors-tout (mm) 2000
Poids à vide (kg) 1100 1550
Débit d’huile en tête de flèche (L/min) 40 - 50
Capacité de levage chariot télescopique (kg) 3000 3500
Pailleuse - Distor 4
  • Suitable for handling round and square bales
  • Equipped with 2 teeth of 130 cm Ø 40 mm
  • 90 cm spacing between the two teeth.


Pailleuse - Distor 5
  • Male connector located at the frame of the bale spike
  • Allows you to control all the hydraulic functions of the machine without having to exit the telehandler.


Pailleuse - Distor 6
  • Rotors equipped with straw spreading discs with superimposed projection trays to funnel and control the flow of straw.