Bale Unroller

UBI JET - UBI JET DISK : Bale unroller Straw bedder

Bale Unroller Spreader with tines or disc

The bale unroller spreaders for round bales UBI JET and UBI JET DisK are standard equipped with tilting body to allow an efficient unrolling of Hay / Straw / Wrapped / Alfalfa. The loading arm is adjusted hydraulically for handling different diameters of bales. 2 spreading system available

  • UBI JET : spreading with tines (hydraulically retractable)
  • UBI JET DisK : spreading with bolted disc

These spreaders unroller have 180° rotation to distribute on the right and left side and in the center (UBI JET) of the feeding corridor. These models are equipped with retractable teeth to avoid the material to go under the machine. This system gives a homogeneous spread along the feed table.

Dérouleuse Pailleuse
  • Retractable teeth
  • 180° rotation
  • Tilting body
  • Hydraulic loading arm
  • UBI JET - spreading with tines
  • UBI JET DisK - spreading with discs
  • Manual control


Number of bales 1
Overall height (mm) 2300 1260 2300
Overall width (mm) 2100 2280 2100
Overall length (mm) 1610 1900 1610
Tractor power (HP) 100
Unladen weight (kg) 710 880 750 990 950
3-point hitch OK
Tractor loader - - OK
Telehandler - - OK
  • Efficient bale unrolling
  • Avoid the product to go under the machine
  • Let a homogeneous line along the feeding table


Dérouleuse Pailleuse
  • Loading arm with hydraulic adjustment to simply load bales with different diameters.
  • Hydraulic tilting body to easy load the bale.
  • Control the position of the bale inside the bale unroller
  • Easy unrolling of the core of the bale


Dérouleuse Pailleuse Dérouleuse Pailleuse

Spreading with tines:
Distribution right / left / central, system hydraulically retractable. Spreading 5m - 180°

Spreading with disc:
Distribution right / left, discs are bolted
Central rear spreading - 5 m