Vertical Auger Diet Feeder

Spirmix Conveyor :  Mixer wagon - Diet feeder

The Spirmix diet feeders 12 – 14 m3 are equipped with a vertical stepped auger that brews and aerates the mixture, they can feed about 60 to 90 dairy cows per pass. The rolled tank of the mixer feeder gives various advantages, it reduces the power required for making a mixture; the flared and smooth shape makes the ration homogeneous more rapidly. The distribution by conveyor is ideal for fibrous rations. The transversal conveyor ensures regular and quick distribution to right or left regardless of the prepared ration. The width of the conveyor prevents jamming problems and gives an even spread along the feed table.  The conveyor can be fitted to the front or the rear of the machine to be able to distribute, even in dead-end corridors. The Spirmix mixer wagons are standard equipped with the SystemX weighing system that guarantees a perfect accuracy for preparing rations.

Bol Mélangeur
  • Front Right / Left feeding conveyor
  • Manual conveyor offset (300 mm)
  • Mixing auger with 6 tungsten carbide reversible knives
  • 2 manual cut-off plates
  • Two-speed gearbox
  • Not programmable weighing box X 400


120 130 140
Capacity (m3) 12 13 14
Equivalent dairy cows 60 - 75 65 - 80 70 - 90
Number of augers 1
Delivery height (mm) 770
Overall height (mm) 2830 2990 3160
Overall width (mm) 2500
Overall length (mm) 5530
Tractor power (HP) 75
Unladen weight (kg) 4400 4560 4650
Tyres 12,5 - 15,3 - 16 PR - Ø 875 mm
Bol Mélangeur
  • Anti-overflow ring
  • Hydraulic cut-off plates
  • 2 or 4 additional knives by mixing auger
  • Elevating conveyor


  • Single thread mixing auger, equipped with 6, 8 or 10 tungsten carbide reversible knives
  • Rolled tank for faster mixing time
  • Flared tank shape amplifying the expansion effect
  • Reversed cut-off plates to facilitate the blocking of the fiber in the tank bottom


  • All vertical auger diet feeders are equipped with a tank reinforcement which prevents the deformation of the bowl. This reinforcement limits pressure on the planetary units and the load cell during displacement and loading phases.