Horizontal paddle stationnary Mixer

Statiomix Horizontal : Stationnary mixer

The design is based on a horizontal paddles diet feeder Qualimix, this range is composed by 2 models of 15 and 20 m3. The Qualimix mixer wagon is well-known for its capacity to make homogeneous rations (<2% gap on 60 m distribution) even with little rations of 500 kg. These machines come with an electric motor of 45 KW. As standard the unloading is ensured by a front left trap door.

Stationnary mixer paddle mixer
  • Front right trap door
  • Programmable weighing system


150 200
Capacity (m3) 15 20
Overall height (mm) 2300
Overall width (mm) 6950 8450
Overall length (mm) 2540
Laod cell 3
Power required (kW) 45
Unladen weight (kg) 5490 7650
Stationnary mixer paddle mixer
  • Rotor equipped with V blades
  • Cut the material while respecting the fibrousness -80 rpm-
  • Suited for cutting hay, straw and silage


Stationnary mixer paddle mixer
  • 3 welded paddles suited to all kind of mixes -5 rpm-
  • Brewed and aereted mixture