Automatic Feeding System

Automatic feeding system

The feeding robot I-ron mix is only used to distribute the ration. The mixes are beforehand made by the diet feeder that ensures a homogeneous mixture (5% gap of homogeneity on 60m). Mixes without optimal homogeneity will not achieve the objectives established. Lucas G as an expert in breeding solutions has a know-how in terms of

I-Ron Mix System is programmed by the breeder to guarantee a personalised ration in accordance with their needs, while ensuring a fresh and appetising ration. It allows for multiple tailored recipes to be produced for the livestock at all stages, the management software communicates directly with all the I-Ron Mix System and then automatically execute program ensuring even and correct ration distribution. The breeder will collect all the data of distribution and preparation to optimize all parameters to achieve its objectives.

  • Weighing system
  • Distribution conveyor Right - Left
  • Anticollision bar
  • Sensor detection of obstacle
  • Chain conveyor
  • 2 Shredder


Capacity (m³) 2.5
Max. herd size per robot 350 Dairy Cows / 1500 goats
Overall lenght (mm) 2870
Overall width (mm) 1800
Overall height (mm) 1900
Deliveryn height (mm) 500
Slope acceptable 8%
Weight (kg) 1300
Distribution and width of the feeding alley Width
Feeding without U-turn (mm) 2300
Feeding with U-turn (mm) 3000
Alley without feeding (mm) 2000

Stationnary mixer vertical auger : 

  • 8 to 24 m³
  • Rolled tank for faster mixing time with less power
  • Front right trap door
  • Welded stepped auger of 6/8 or 10 stepped cuts which aerates the ration and optimizes the quality of the mixture
  • Reversed cut-off plates



Stationnary paddle mixer : 

  • 15 to 20 m³
  • Front right trap door
  • Cutting area : Rotor equipped with V blades -80 rpm-
  • 3 welded paddles suited to all kind of mixes -5 rpm- for a brewed and aereted mixture

Stillage :

  • 4 to 60 m³
  • Width : 1,50 / 2 / 2,65 m 
  • Shredder with knives or with teeth
  • 0/1/2/3 Shredders
  • Bed chain




  • Wire guidance
  • Slope acceptable 8%
  • Moving speed 7 km/h and distributing speed 2,5 km/h
  • Autonomy 48h
  • Width of the feeding alley for a U-turn 3m
  • 1 wheel drive and guide
  • 2 carrying wheels




  • Ensure the straw spreading function to provide a clean bed for animals.
  • Straw bedding performance : 5 m depth and a straw-bedding height from 0.90 m up to 2.50m.
  • Soft rotating brush (diameter 250mm – length 400 mm) equipped with 3 spreading brooms and a adjustable deflector.



Management Software

  • Management of ingredients
  • Management of recipes
  • Management of animals groups
  • Cloud Storage