Horizontal Paddle Mixer Diet Feeder

Horizontal paddle mixer diet feeder

The range of horizontal mixer feeder Qualimix is composed by 2 models 1 or 20 m3. The mixing process is made by paddle that respects the raw material and gives a gap of homogeneity <2% on 60m. This diet feeder has 2 distinctive areas; the first area is for loading long strands material, the second is for loading silage. The ration is continuously mixed without second cut; the mixture is brewed and aerated. The maintenance of the mixer feeder is simple thanks to the permanent oil-bath lubrication. The distribution is made by a left trap door.

  • Front left trap door
  • Mechanicaly driven by chain with oil-bath lubrication
  • Mixing hopper for fluid and concentrate
  • Not programmable weighing system X 400
  • Hydraulic stand


  150 200
Capacity (m3) 15 20
Equivalent dairy cows 50 - 80 80 - 110
Delivery height (mm) 950
Width of loading area (mm) 3130 4480
Overall height (mm) 2840 2860
Overall width (mm) 2550
Overall length (mm) 6530 8000
Tractor power (HP) 90
Unladen weight (kg) 6100 8500
Tyres 385/65-R22,5 Ø1070 mm 385/55-R22,5 Ø996 mm
Qualimix Qualimix
Small ruminants pack :
Horizontal feeding conveyor
Electric control in cab
2nd control station at the front of the machine
Protection pack:
Anti-embedding bar
Feeding flag magnet


  • Rotor equipped with V blades
  • Cut the material while respecting the fibrousness -80 rpm-
  • Suited for cutting hay, straw and silage


  • 3 welded paddles suited to all kind of mixes -5 rpm-
  • Brewed and aereted mixture