Installation of an M7 in Bulgaria


With the Lucas G System brand, breeding becomes automated. In Bulgaria, one of our customers opted for an M7, our mineral and concentrate distributor. What was the objective? To reduce the number of working hours and the lack of workforce, while increasing the precision and regularity of distribution.


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The M7 is a wire-guided automated feed distributor with a capacity of 780 litres. The model installed here has three compartments for feeds and an additional hopper for minerals, it is also equipped with a lateral electric forage pusher blade with 9 positions.

In this Bulgarian farm, the building where the robot is installed has an area of 3500m2.

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A farm with 1150 goats, 700 of which are dairy

In this Bulgarian farm, the current production is 2000 litres of milk per day. The objective, by installing an M7 and slightly increasing the number of animals, is to increase production to 3000 litres per day.

One week of installation

In addition to its presence during the installation and start-up of the M7 in Bulgaria, the Lucas G System team advised the farmer on the construction of the robot's parking area and on the construction of a wooden bridge to allow the machine to pass over the strawbeds areas and to remain at the same level as the feed corridors.

Charging of concentrates

On this Bulgarian farm, the M7 with a capacity of 780 litres distributes 4 times a day.

Close-up of the M7 in action




The M7 in pictures

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